“RAZUMOVSKY” is as dazzling and controversial as the character of women captivating and sensual, thoughtfully reserved and sentimental, uncompromising, strong-minded and always doubtful, exquisitely sophisticated and without limits. Each of our collections is filled with its own philosophy and history, behind each one hides a mystery. With clothing and accessories from “RAZUMOVSKY”, you not only effortlessly create trendy and exclusive images, but also easily change them depending on your mood.

“RAZUMOVSKY” cannot be called a purely commercial project. It is a spontaneous impulse of the soul and a life story made up of moments that at first glance, are unrelated to each other, programs of accessible education, charitable projects in support of children with peculiarities of development, and support of monasteries. This subconscious aspiration to be useful and to gift goodness, having once met with a desire to create and produce, somehow in itself became a business of a lifetime and a personal calling, the name of which is- «RAZUMOVSKY».

For the history of “RAZUMOVSKY” was it more – spontaneity or deliberate? I guess neither. Rather, these are the solid principles of life, placed in my childhood, and the desire, despite everything, to work hard. The Brand was born by itself, without hesitation. Today “RAZUMOVSKY” is not just a fashion brand, it is a team of professionals, united by the idea of creativity and creation! It is a vast socially oriented project, which is accompanied by design, charity, the revival of traditions and education. Step by step we are improving the world around us. Join us!

With love, A. Razumovskaya and her team.

Hello, dear visitors!

Thank you for your attention to my page. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Alexandra Razumovskaya. Stylist, make-up artist, photographer and creative director. My professional skills for several years allowed to create unique scenic images for the theater “Chameleon”. Now I am ready to offer you assistance in transforming and acquiring a positive image.

The definition of character on the facial features is a very old science. Even in the ancient Greeks wrote entire research treatises and appropriated certain characteristics to different people. Modern psychology has found confirmation of this knowledge. Moreover, they are neither outdated nor actual. But no matter how nuanced, the oval face with wide open eyes and expressive mouth is considered the most appropriate.

The ideal and correct facial features are a rare gift of nature. Most often, the face is not very proportionate, something stands out too much, and some of its parts are completely invisible. Fortunately, this annoying misunderstanding can easily be corrected with competent make-up, a stylish hairstyle, suitable clothing and accessories. The modern beauty industry is capable of real miracles, and in the hands of the master turns into a “magic wand.”

Make-up by Sasha