Puppy Collection

It was the poppy what inspired the creators of RAZUMOVSKY brand to develop the whole collection. Probably this is the most mystical and mysterious field flower. When blooming, it is considered a symbol of eternal youth and womanhood. In the Chinese culture, the flower is associated with success and beauty. It is also believed that the poppy is the flower of angels: at the day of The Descent of the Holy Spirit, it is used as temple decoration.

There are many beautiful mysterious legends about the red poppy.

For instance, the ancient Greeks believed that the flower was created by the god of sleep Hypnos and was meant for Demeter. The goddess of the agriculture was looking for her daughter Persephone who had been kidnapped by Hades. Demeter got so tired from the searching that she couldn`t control the grain growth anymore. Just at that precise moment, Hypnos gave her the poppy to make the goddess rest.

About The Collection

It was the poppy what inspired designers to develop the new collection. They got acquainted with legends about the flower, realized its fascinating beauty and decided to decorate with the red colors the clothing and accessories RAZUMOVSKY.

The whole collection is hand-made from best natural environmentally friendly materials: from natural wool of New Zealand and Australian sheep that are famous for their thin and delicate fleece, as well as from natural silk and fiber!
Every cloth is made entirely by hand and with a lot of love for art and people as well as with environmental care.
For the collection is typical a gradation of tone. The red poppies are pictured in their natural environment – the brown color represents the growth area (field) and grass variety, the white color stands for sky and light the plants are straining after.

Remarkably, the clothes are made without bright screaming details. The poppy collection articles are entirely original and inimitable. They are a pretty much simple cut, at the same time look perfect on a figure. Will do not only for classic style lovers but also for boho lovers as well as for admirers of touch of romance in the look, of business suits and formal dresses with flair.

The poppy collection is enriched with accessories in the same style.

The RAZUMOVSKY brand offers handbags with single red flowers – one of the key elements of the look, as well as scarfs, palatines, and headwear. Also in production is the whole range of felt shoes: drop-dead gorgeous house-shoes, sneakers, boots and snow boots. All of this isn`t only warm and beautiful but also creatively different!
This is what the workers say about their work on the collection:
“Our hands lay out design of wool as if the poppies in our collection would arise themselves and we would only help them by putting the wool in the needed form and color-grade. As if weightless slivers would pensively lie down on the cloth – like an autumn leaf would fall on the ground creating an inimitable composition. Working on the collection you don’t feel any fatigue, as if the time would stand still…”

The poppy is the most beautiful and mysterious flower and we`re happy to have created this collection!
We`d be glad to help You to find exactly Your flower! Also thanks to precise measures we take we`ll help to find a proper fabric cut to accentuate Your figure. In every custom-made fabric, even if the sketch is the same, all the poppy flowers are put differently, that`s why each custom-made fabric becomes unique.

We wish that these flowers would brighten Your eyes and bring to You all success!

Sincerely Yours, designers and workers of the RAZUMOVSKY Company.

Collection «CHERNOSHEI»

From the author.  

I never concealed my love for fur and fur coats, they were given an honorable place in my wardrobe. Ironically, every time I wore them, the thought of dead animals – a subconscious guilt, burned my shoulders by an inner flame.

In my teens, my grandmother taught me what a good piece of karakul is. It’s essentially the skin of a fetus lamb, slaughtered with its mother approximately a week before the expected delivery. Both meant to be a part of someone’s fur coat. The fine wavy lamb skin became the coat itself, and the luxurious, lengthy fur of the dam became the collar.

This story shocked me and was forever etched into my worldview. I am an absolute vegan. Nevertheless, the magic of natural fur was too powerful. Unable to give up the fur coat, neither satisfied with this state of affairs, I began looking for a solution.

About The «CHERNOSHEI» Collection

A transition to artificial materials was out of the question. For a person deeply involved in the industry, the difference between natural and synthetic wool, to me, is quite evident. And believe me – the second one underperforms by many criteria.

Because our brand’s focus remains on wool, essentially being the same as fur, only without skin, I spent all my energy experimenting with it. The end-result of this long and painstaking work by our team of professionals is the original collection of natural fur coats and accessories from sheep wool «CHERNOSHEI»

Our innovative products allow to imitate absolutely any texture of fur – mink, fox, karakul. The latter, being partially back in fashion in the coming season, and mainly in memory of my grandmother’s story, became the leitmotif of the entire collection.

The blackneck swan became the symbol of this collection, according to antique legends, this bird, like Charon, ferries souls into the afterlife, hopefully marking the dawn of a new era in the fashion industry. An era in which the altar of beauty and luxury ceases to offer sacrifices of innocent lives.

The «CHERNOSHEI» Collection has become a deeply personal venture, tied both to my life principles, childhood memories, and of course, the overwhelming love for fur and wool.

Sheep wool is truly a unique material; exhibiting not only warmth, but also incredible healing properties, appreciated by Catherine the Great, Wolfgang Messing and other exceptional people in world history. In addition, sheep wool is one of the few materials able to maintain a balanced, comfortable temperature in any season throughout the year.

Меня зовут Елизавета Надеждина, художник из города Хотькова в Подмосковье. Для меня естественно посредством игры цвета и теней наполнять образы на полотнах переживаниями, таинственностью и живыми эмоциями. А то, как эту палитру чувств перенести на собственное лицо, как отразить во взгляде внутреннее смятение или надежду, как сыграть все это на камеру, для меня было, да и сегодня остается непостижимым секретом.

Я – не модель и не актриса, но благодаря идеям Александры Разумовской, я увидела, что это не просто модный коммерческий проект, а открытое послание в мир, призванное сделать его чуточку добрее и лучше.

По замыслу сценариста мне предстояло сыграть девушку, в которую вселилась душа лебедя

Она показывает, как прекрасен этот мир в своей первозданной красоте и дает прочувствовать, как невыносимо тягостно возложенное на него бремя по переправке безвинных душ в другой мир. Почувствовав свою ответственность за убитых ради модной шубки животных, девушку одолевает чувство вины и смятение. Душа лебедя устремляется обратно в небо, оставляя в девушке осознание того, что так больше быть не должно. Вместе с этим осознанием в сердце девушки вновь воцаряется спокойствие, и она находит дорогу домой, выйдя обратно к храму. 

Любовь к животным у меня в крови, и я уже давно подумываю об организации приюта для собак, поэтому идея создания шуб не из традиционного меха, а из овечьей шерсти, конечно же, нашла отклик в моем сердце. Демонстрируемые в клипе модели пальто и меховых воротников из овчины покорили меня своей аутентичностью. Итак, я согласилась… Самым сложным, что вполне предсказуемо, стала для меня актерская работа. Но благодаря поддержке близких и, конечно же, Александры, а также моей привычке художника вкладывать смысл во все, что я делаю, мы справились.

Работа над проектом была волнующей и завораживающей. Я получила огромный заряд энергии и эмоций и настолько прониклась идеей проекта, что выплеснула все свои чувства и переживания в собственном небольшом видеоролике, смонтированном самостоятельно на базе отснятого нами видеоматериала.

Проект «ЧЕРНОШЕЙ» помог мне раскрыть новые грани самой себя. Но самое главное – он открывает нам абсолютно новый путь к красоте и моде.