Alexandra Razumovskaya

General Director, Project Creator

Stylist, makeup artist, photographer, interior designer and creative director. Creator of projects such as World Etiquette School, Razumovskaya Charity Shop, and Razumovsky Fashion Design. Involved in charity work and is a connoisseur of art.

“I believe that all activities should be based on the principles of creation.”
Our mission is to benefit, do good, and give love!

“RAZUMOVSKY is a spontaneous impulse of the soul and a life story…”

Today “RAZUMOVSKY” is not just a fashion brand, it is a team of professionals, united by the idea of creativity and creation! It is a big socially oriented project, which is accompanied by design, charity, the revival of traditions and education. Step by step we are improving the world around us. Join us!

— With Love, A. Razumovskaya and her team

In pursuit of fundamentality and stability

With RAZUMOVSKY, your investment in a beautiful lifestyle turns into valuable assets. Each of our products, whether jewelry or an interior item, is not a brief new fashion trend, but a real work of art. It will never lose its relevance, and over time will acquire ever-increasing value.

Charity in action

For a while now, we have been implementing the concept of free and spontaneous help to disabled children and adolescents with special needs who are the most vulnerable part of our society. Many of our projects are specially designed for their limited capabilities. This allows them to solve the issue of unemployment and they can receive decent wages.

Help when we can

We never stand on the sidelines when people turn to us for help. Anyone who is in a difficult life situation can count on our support. If necessary, our specialists and psychologists will come to the rescue and give them a helping hand. We are also constantly in a continuous search for gifted and talented people. We participate in their development and help them discover themselves in their area of expertise.

Impeccable quality without counterfeit

Quality from “RAZUMOVSKY” is meticulous and honest attention to details. For example, silver or gold clasps, buttons, decor from natural stones, and gold or silver trim. Thus, the minimum content of precious metal in our gold jewelry is 14 carats (585, 583 samples), this is more than 58% pure gold.

We use only natural materials. We never use replications or synthetic imitations grown in the laboratory. At the heart of your jewelry are only authentic, noble, precious and semiprecious stones, gems and minerals laboriously created by nature for many centuries.

Our clothes and textiles are created only from 100% natural hypoallergenic, practical and pleasant to wear fabrics. Whether it’s silk, wool, flax, etc., the item provides a high degree of comfort and gives you the energy of nature.

Individual approach to each client

Interior design from «RAZUMOVSKY» is exclusivity developing into an unsurpassed level of physical and mental comfort.

Our interior designers don’t just choose a beautiful design option for your home or office in accordance with the new fashion trends and generally accepted standards of design school. They take into account the characteristics of each client. For example, the state of mind, temperament, ethnic culture, taste preferences, habits, and even life goals. They transfer all this into the basic concept of the future interior.

In addition to traditional design teachings and practices, our designers are equipped with data of astrological horoscope, results of DNA tests and psychological personality typology. For many, our wide variety of tools used is unusual, but it allows us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the client. We create an environment that is a “second skin” in which the client will feel truly harmonious, comfortable and relaxed. This is the only way to create an atmosphere

Careful attitude to the resources of our common planet

Irrational use of natural resources causes Earth’s catastrophic damage. In order to preserve our planet, we try to make our production as non-wasteful as possible. All the scraps we recycle back into the production process. For example, the waste paper turns into perfect boxes for packing goods.

In addition, we love to give a second life to antiques like furniture, various items, lamps, and toys. We gladly repair, restore and remodel them trying to preserve their authenticity, as well as the artistic and historical value.


The Covid-Free Kids

Charity Auction www.venoauction.com

Hello all
I am participating in this auction and consider this a unique opportunity, even though very small, in maintaining friendly relations between Slavic countries and America. The Razumovskiy Corporation believes in diplomacy, community and cooperation between cultures and countries, especially during a time of world-wide catastrophies and illnesses, mutually supporting and building up this small but important bridge between people and nations.

Your Alexandra Razumovskaya
CEO and Founder of the Razumovskiy Brand Corporation

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