Transformation is like an unsolved mystery. But in your hands will learn to change your image of your own volition. I and other teachers of the school “WorldEtiquetteSchool” are happy to come to the rescue in this difficult matter. We will teach you all the subtleties and nuances of creating an image suitable for each specific situation.

The list of skills includes:

  • definition of color and selection of an individual palette
  • selection of options for haircuts and styling, depending on the preferences and features of the build
  • selection of several makeup options – everyday, evening, special
  • the ability to correctly use tinting and makeup tools, to create the perfect color and oval face
  • basics of manicure and pedicure
  • selection of basic and festive wardrobes, drawing on images on their basis.

This is by no means a complete list of what you will learn by visiting the School of International Etiquette. Absolutely everyone will receive the knowledge that is needed for him. I am sure of the uniqueness and beauty of each client. Sometimes the appearance is not particularly pronounced and not striking. I will help you to open your beautiful image to the world, to become more visible, brighter and more confident. You will learn how to choose clothes, and apply makeup so that it is appropriate to the situation.Creating an image is a painstaking, complex, but very interesting work. Transformation from the ends of the hair to the nails requires not only strength, but also patience. One makeup is always not enough. A whole and complete new image is a worthy reward for patience.Additional service – photoshoot in a new image. I have extensive experience in creating the ideal picture with the help of playing light and shadows, good posture and the best views. Your photo can be anything from strictly business to luxurious evening. The ideal frozen moment is the best end of the work to create a new image.Reverted customers, glowing with happiness and radiating confidence – that’s my best reward!